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Freedom Mover always want to give you more! In addition to our experts moving services, add the packing and the unpacking.
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Our team adapts its packing and unpacking methods for commercial and residential sectors. We design packing and unpacking technic that guarantees you a moving without damage.

No matter the dimension or the weight of your material to pack or unpack, Freedom Mover succeed all challenges!

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Homme scellant une boîte en carton avec du ruban adhésif.

Packing service in Montreal

Packing is the most crucial step in a moving. You need to place all your goods in boxes and protect your fragile material with packing paper. Imagine a moving without all these long and complicated steps! Freedom Mover free you from stress and complicated move stage.

Professional packing service for residential sector

During a move, breakage and accident can occur and damage your furniture. Free yourself from all the stress with Freedom Mover. Our professional packing team will protect all your furniture and will place your precious goods in boxes following security standards.

Professional packing service for commercial sector

Relocate your business with peace of mind by calling Freedom Mover. We know how it’s important for you to keep your material in good condition. For this reason, we use proven packing methods that ensure you that all your goods will be in the same condition when unpacked.


Unpack service in the Greater Montreal

Let us fit your new space to your taste with our unpacking service at Freedom Mover. Don’t let boxes and packing papers clutter your new space by contacting our team. We place your furniture according to your taste and we get rid of boxes and packing papers.

Femme et homme tenant des boîtes en carton.

Fast unpacking service for residential sector

Have the pleasure to quickly enjoying your new home with Freedom Mover. Our specialist provides a complete and quick unpacking service to make you feel at home in no time.

Efficient unpacking service for commercial sector

Get back to business quickly with our quick unpacking service. Place your material according to your needs and we get rid of all the boxes and packing papers.

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Discover how a professional packing and unpacking service can make all the difference. Whether you are from the residential or commercial sector, Freedom Mover is the solution that you are looking for!

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